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Keruen LLP was founded in 1999. Starting from medicine, construction of commercial real estate and lease, today we work in such sectors of the Kazakhstan economy as medicine, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, hotel business, catering and legal services


Our task is to provide our partners with the highest level of services to ensure comfort and safety in our Business Centers.We strive to expand our client base, build trusting and long-term relationships with each client



''The main objective of our medical centers Keruen-Medicus has always been, is and will be the highest quality of medical services and providing maximum comfort for our patients. Taking care of your health!''Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LLP Keruen-Medicus
Abdullaeva G.A.



Successful work in the field of agriculture makes it possible to provide our partners with high-quality and environmentally friendly ECO products of Agrofirm Keruen's own production under the Vitamina trademark - natural juices made by direct extraction, without added sugar and water, jam and marmalade.All our products contain a large set of vitamins, macro and micro elements


catering services

In order to provide patients and employees of our Keruen-Medicus medical centers with tasty and healthy food, in 2014 we opened a new direction under the Keruen Food trademark. Over the years, we have built trusting relationships with our clients! Successfully developing, our chefs and cooks are able to satisfy the wishes of even the most sophisticated gourmets!


law firm Need Help

Our task is not only to provide affordable legal assistance to people, but also to improve legal literacy.Without leaving home, Kazakhstanis can get qualified legal advice in Kazakh, Russian and English.We help you avoid legal and financial consequences, arm you with knowledge and show you the paths you can take


hotel complex Kainar

For our partners, friends, residents of the city and guests, in 2013 we built a comfortable 5-star hotel complex Kainar in the city of Shymkent! The Kainar Hotel is the best place for meetings and recreation, business conferences - a large discussion room, Milano Italian cuisine restaurant, luxurious SAMAL SPA world, Bardo lounge bar.Welcome!


storage and processing of products

Having in our assets the production base of Keruen Products in the Turkestan region, we actively cooperate with our partners in the field of storage and processing of products. Keruen Productslocated in a convenient location with its own railway siding and overpass


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