The major domain of Keruen activities is development. The company portfolio includes projects with a total area above 60,674 sqm. In addition to the construction of new facilities, the company manages its own assets.

Production and bottling of drinks


The design capacity of the plant is 150 000 000 bottles per year of carbonated and non-carbonated drinking water, preservative-free natural drinks (hot bottling).

Technical equipment of the plant is as follows:

  • Filling line in PET bottles for 12 000 bottles/hour,
  • 0.5 l. filling line. PET bottles for 3 500 bottles/hour,
  • Filling line in glass bottles for 6 000 bottles/hour,
  • Processing equipment,
  • Pipelines.

The area of the land plot is 6 hectares. It is equipped with utilities, gas, 3 wells, 5 000 sq. m. of storage space and own railway dead-end track.
We are open to various cooperation opportunities in the production and bottling of beverages in the South Kazakhstan Region. If you are interested in collaboration, please find the contact details below.



We plan to build greenhouses for growing vegetable crops. Greenhouses will be located on their own plot of land with a total area of 31 ha in Karasay District of the Almaty Region.

We are open to various cooperation opportunities in the greenhouse business. If you are interested in collaboration, please find the contact details below.



To date

Total garden area: 110 ha.

Number of trees: more than 144 000 pcs.

We are open to various cooperation opportunities in growing fruit and vegetable crops, their storage and sales of own products. If you are interested in collaboration, please find the contact details below. 

Medical Center «Keruen-Medicus»


The reconstruction of its own administrative building in Almaly district of the city of Almaty is under way for the construction of a new multifunctional medical center “Keruen-Medicus” with an area of of 2500 sq. m.

The beginning operation is in 1 deсember 2018



Reconstruction of the sanatorium-resort complex in  Almaty city and the construction of 11 detached houses on the territory of 6 hectares which will increase the total area of buildings up to 6000 sq. m. with a total 100  rooms of different classes (150 seats).

Additionally, the complex will includes:
                  Doctors offices,
                  Health-improving complex,
                  Dining room for 150 seats,
                  Conference room for 350 seats,
                  Tennis court,
                  Field for mini football,
                  Open air pool,
                  A separate leisure complex,
                  Children's town,
                  Walking and bicycle trails.

Start of operation - December 2018

Contact details

    Phone: +7 (727) 262-31-51 , +7 (727) 262-30-90


    Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, 050051, Almaty, Lugansky street 139

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